Rebecca M. Dean MS, RN, CS

                             Clinical Nurse Specialist In Geriatric Psychiatry

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Working Through the Maze of Psychiatric and/or Cognitive Issues

     In my years of practice, I have seen the difficulties that clients and families can experience when going through crisis.  I have worked in the mental health field for over 14 years and have spent much of that time specializing with geriatric clients.  There is a great need in this community for services in this area and we as a community need to address these issues. 

    It is extremely difficult for the families and the client as the elderly family member ages and experiences the many changes that can come with aging.  It is at this time that the families and client need to know about the available resources.  It becomes even more difficult for the client and family if the client experiences psychiatric issues, or cognitive issues.  This puts a tremendous strain on families both  financially, emotionally and trying to work through bureaucracy . 

    There are also many services that the family or facility that the client may live in may find helpful to stabilize the client or allow them to continue to live in the same environment.  Due to regulatory issues it is extremely difficult in either nursing homes or assisted living facilities to obtain the appropriate help or proper medications.  If you have a family member in one of these facilities they may find it helpful to obtain a consultation to keep your family member in the facility. 

    There are many options and alternatives for families and clients to help the client function at their best for as long as possible and live as independently as possible.  The client and family may find therapy services to be helpful in coping with the issues.  The client needs a thorough assessment to determine what services are needed, and then those services can be obtained.

    If you or physician feel that you or your family member could benefit from any of theses services please contact me.  I am able to offer my services in a consultation manner on a one time basis or we can determine what is best for you and your loved one.  If you are a family or a doctor that you feel needs a psychiatric assessment or behavioral assessment then you can call me to assist. 


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